Dance Event

Fundacíon Montecito, in partnership with international volunteers, is planning a dance workshop/event for local schools, students, teachers, and whomever would like to join.

The goal of this event is both language interchange, as well as cultural sharing. The traditional dance styles of Canadian indigenous people will be showcased through demonstration, as well as video. It's also important to note the music of the dances, and the significance that music holds for the culture.

In addition to demonstrations and music, a slideshow presentation will be shown that displays traditional outfits and regalia for each particular dance style, as well as a description of the dance and its origins.

Dances and music are integral parts of any culture, as they can tell stories and say so much about a group of people even without using words. In order to fully understand a culture, it's important to be exposed to the types of celebrations and art that culture has created.