Gente de Sogamoso

People of Sogamoso

This is an ongoing initiative by Fundacion Montecito, inspired by the "Humans of New York" photo project.

Fundacion Montecito plans to create their own photo journal project, complete with profiles of citizens around the town of Sogamoso and surrounding areas.

The main purpose or goal of this project is to offer a glimpse into the diversity of people in Sogamoso, as well as some of the landmarks and the popular places to visit in the city.

Subjects for the project will be chosen based on their location, relationship to the city and country, as well as personal ties to the NGO. Their photo will be taken in a natural setting, highlighting their unique lifestyle, combined with an article written about their "story" or their life. The material for the stories or anecdotes will be gathered through an interview style questionnaire.

These profiles will be posted on the Fundacion Montecito Facebook page in an album, as well as on the Visit Sugamuxi website. Eventually the number of subjects will become great enough for us to create a physical photobook that we can gift or sell to promote tourism in the area.

Gente de Sogamoso


If you would like to nominate somebody to be showcased in the photo project, please email us at: