Language Event

International Language Day

As one part of our Cultural Calendar, we would like to hold one afternoon of cultural interchange in the form of a Language Workshop. We believe that this kind of interchange is especially important as to the key role language plays within the process of being introduced to a new culture. Particularly when you want to experience a foreign culture up close, learning the language will be helpful if not necessary.

For this reason we want to give the locals from Sogamoso the opportunity to get a brief insight into some of the languages we speak, such as English, French, German, Cree and Chinese.

We will offer different language workshops simultaneously but will repeat them multiple times to make sure every person has the possibility to participate in all of them if they wish to. Each workshop will take approximately 1 hour and will teach each individual basic vocabulary of that respective language. The content of each workshop will also be available on worksheets for each person to take home and repeat and study on their own.

For more information, or to book, please use WhatsApp to contact: Paula (+ 49 176 84465630) or Stephan (+ 57 320 2550828).


El International Language Day lo desarrollamos en alianza con la Cámara de Comercio de Sogamoso, que mediante convenio generosamente nos ha facilitado el salón donde se adelanta el evento y otras actividades de nuestra Agenda Cultural, esto es, el piso 5 de la sede antigua de dicha entidad (CR 10 12-14, Sogamoso).