Mural Event

A mural is a piece of art that is usually portrayed on a wall. These walls are usually open to the public, like on the outside of a building or in hallway of a school but a mural can be placed anywhere. These murals can be whatever you want them to be but murals are usually the type to send a meaningful message. They also vary in size, they can be as small as a page or as big as the whole side of a large building.

Our mission with this mural project is to represent environmental sensitivity and our relations with the Earth. We want to send a message that says ¨we share this earth and we should take care of it for the sake of maintaining life. Not just human life but understanding that we share this world with animals and plants as well, stating that their life and wellbeing is just as important as ours. Our murals will all include the slogan that represents this movement, which is “we take care of what we share.” The mural should have representation of all life, so plants, animals, people of any nationality, etc.

The mural can have many participants and contributions but there must be allocated time per person depending on the size of the mural. We must take into consideration the amount of people who can work simultaneously with the space available. We are hoping to find a few placements for the mural in the amount of time that we (from Canada) are here in Sogamoso.

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Murales Planeados / Realizados

Mural #3 - IE San Martín de Tours, Sogamoso - (May-Jun, 2019)

Mural #2 - Colegio Santa Catalina, Sogamoso - (May, 2019)

Mural #1 - Colegio Integrado, Sogamoso - (Oct, 2018)